1.    A. Board of Trustees  {the Board} consisting of 9 members and one ex-Officio member shall manage affairs  of the Foundation, as decided in scheduled meetings.
2.    The Board shall consist of {a} Chairman, who shall be the chief executive, {b} Vice-Chairman, who Shall act as Chairman if and when necessary, in addition to other duties stipulated by these Articles,{c} Secretary, who shall maintain and present all records when necessary, {d} Treasurer, who shall Maintain and present all financial records, {e} Joint Secretary, who shall act as Secretary, if and when Necessary, {f} Joint Treasurer, who shall act as Treasurer if and when necessary, three Trustees, and one ex-officio member.   
3.    The first Board shall consist of the following individuals:
             {a} Chairman: Sri Guthikonda  Basava punna Rao, son of Sri Ramabrahmam and Smt. Balamani.
             {b} Vice-Chairman: Dr. Gondi Dhanunjaya Rao, son of Sri Nagaiah,
             {c}  Secretary: Sri Jampala Sri Rama Krishna, son of Sri Gopala Rao,
             {d}  Treasurer: Treasurer of Jampala Education Society, Navuluru, Mangalagiri mandal, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India, which operates Tenali Engineering College, shall also  continue to be the  Treasurer of the Foundation unless change becomes necessary per Article I, section 4, The Initial Treasurer of the Foundation is Sri Jampala Jawahar Rao, son of Sri Gopala Rao,
             {e}  Joint Secretary : Smt. Jampala Suseela, wife of Sri Jawahar Rao,
             {f}  Joint Treasurer : Dr. Jampala Siva Satya Mohan, son of Sri Sri Ramakrishna,
             {g} Trustee: Smt. Jampala Padma, wife  of Dr. Siva Satya Mohan,
             {h} Trustee: Sri Kantamaneni Vijaya Kumar, son of Sri Suryanarayana,
             {i}  Trustee: Smt. Mallampati Leela, wife of Sri Satyanarayana,
             {j} Ex-Officio: Principal of Tenali Engineering College shall be the ex-Officio member of the Board unless a change becomes necessary per Article 1, Section 4. The first ex-Officio member of the Board Is the current Principal of Tenali Engineering College, Dr. N. Radha Krishna Murthy.
4.    All members of the Board shall strictly abide by the Foundation’s Articles of Constitution.
5.    All decisions by the Board shall strictly abide by the Foundation’s Articles of Constitution.
6.    All vacancies on the Board shall be filled by the remaining members of the Board.