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  1. A Guthikonda Family not-for-profit organization shall be registered as GUTHIKONDA FAMILY FOUNDATION FOR SCHOLARSHIPS/AWARDS (Regd). 2009. (“The Foundation”)
  2. The Foundation shall be established and funded by Drs. Ravindra Nath, Padmavathi and kiran Guthikonda of 289 Savoy Avenue, Edison, New Jersey 08820, USA. Ravindra Nath is the son of Sri Guthikonda Ramabrahmam and Smt. Balamani, Padmavathi is the wife of Ravindra Nath and Kiran is the son of Ravindra Nath and Padmavathi.
  3. Objectives of this Foundation shall be: (a) to provide financial aid  to needy students who are not eligible to receive it from any other source, and (b) to  offer incentive Awards to meritorious students. 
  4. These Scholarships/Awards shall be administered initially at Tenali Engineering College, Anumarlapudi post, Peda Kakani Mandal, Guntur district. 522213, Andhra Pradesh, India, if for any reason, Tenali Engineering College becomes non-operational, and/or if these Articles become non-operational at Tenali Engineering College for any reason  including the lack of sufficient number of recipients, these Scholarships/Awards may be administered at other educational institutions by the Board of  Trustees of the Foundation {vide infra}.
  5. The Foundation’s initial address is Guthikonda Family Foundation for Scholarships/Awards, Tenali Engineering College, Anumarlapudi  post, Peda kakani mandal , Guntur district 522213, Andhra Pradesh, India and City address shall be Guthikonda Family Foundation for Scholarships/Awards, C/o.Sri Jampala Jawahara Rao, Treasurer, Tenali  Engineering College, 22-6-26 Krishna Rao Naidu Street, Kotha pet, Tenali 522201, Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, India. If it becomes necessary for any Reason,  the Board of Trustees of the Foundation may change the address in due course of time.